Looking for a

photographer for your modern wedding on the French Riviera?

I take the intense and precious moments of your event and turn them into a timeless visual legacy. I capture the enchantment of your special day through elegant and refined photographs. It's not just about pictures; I seize spontaneous moments that tell your story with a touch of style.

Seeking a reliable professional photographer with a chic and fashion flair?

Exclusive & bespoke

For you, modern couples deeply in love, I've crafted these offerings just for you. Whether it's elegant wedding photography or intimate couple photo sessions, my packages are designed for you if you're envisioning a complete and high-end experience.


Modern wedding photography

Whether it's in Provence, the French Riviera, or anywhere else, I'll go wherever you are in France and beyond to capture the essence of your love and the beautiful moments of your wedding.

When it comes to weddings, I've come up with 3 flexible packages for you to choose from—the one that fits you best. There's no settling here; You're about to experience the photo shoot of your life and give yourself a gift of priceless sentimental value. So, treat yourself and go for the package that's calling your name.

*Couple sessions : 450€
*My 3 customizable wedding packages are available starting from 3000€.

& couple sessions

Duo Photo & Video for Your Wedding

As a chic wedding photographer on the French Riviera, I collaborate with the best vendors to deliver the most beautiful results. I understand how important it is for some couples to capture their wedding day on video. Good news! If that's you, I work alongside a talented videographer: Thant Chay Steinbacher.

The goal is to capture the emotions, connections, and sensations felt on the big day, in both still and moving images! All while maintaining consistency in style and approach. Memories to proudly display at home or watch on your TV as often as you'd like. Being able to relive the emotions of that day anywhere, anytime – there's nothing more stylish, right?

Shooting Collections
& Lifestyle

Collections & Lifestyle shoots

For designers (bridal dresses, ceramics, jewelry, and more).

Beauty shoots

Designed for cosmetics brands and makeup artists.

Personal Branding shoots

For professionals seeking photos tailored to their field of expertise.

Art, fashion & creation

Looking for a professional photographer to highlight your creations or collections? 
I've got you covered! Yes, I'm not just a modern wedding photographer from Provence.
Professionals and artisans, you deserve visuals that truly stand out.

Collections, Lifestyle, Beauty & Portraits Shoots

To bring out the best in your creations or give your business a unique identity, count on me, my good vibes, my creativity... and, of course, my photos! How about some modern, character-filled shoots to showcase your creations? If you have specific preferences or conditions, let's chat about your ideas and create a fully personalized package together!

Let's Talk?

The photos are just beautiful, incredible, exceptional. Thank you for this wonderful work. You were so discreet, reassuring, and incredibly kind. Thank you for being yourself.

— Eugénie & Lotfi

Everyone told us that the photos were stunning. And the gallery system on the website is great. We had the experience of having a photo viewing evening with friends in the living room, and it was fantastic!

—  Nicolas, Friend of the Newlyweds

The connection was immediate, and we were able to prepare the big day with complete serenity. Marjorie knew how to advise us and make us feel at ease during the session. The result is beyond all our expectations. Thanks to her, we have incredible memories.

—   Raïhana & Clément

My vision as a

Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer in Provence & French Riviera

I have to admit, I love simplicity and natural beauty in all its forms. My take on photography? It's about Love and Art, without any pretense. I enjoy capturing the pure and authentic essence of both. Whether it's a kiss, an embrace, a smile, or just a simple glance... a detail, a reflection, a texture, a color...

Provence, French riviera and throughout France

My merry-go-round is... you!

Explore my modern and elegant visuals

Welcome to my subtle, elegant, and natural world. Where nothing is left to chance. Where everything is pure emotion.

Both spontaneous and carefully crafted, my photographs are a sweet blend of my art, your personality, and your style. A delightful mix for a modern, vibrant, and emotional result!

Do you want to celebrate your love or showcase your creations through my lens?

With me, your photos will be like a fine wine that improves with time. Timeless, enduring, ageless, exquisite.